Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2018

Devlog #16: Double Release

Hello there, hackers!
You've been probably wondering what we've been up to and how's the project going, right? Ususally, it's a good sign when you don't hear from us... it means we're deep in the development tunnel, which we were!
You've been waiting a long time and we need you to be patient a little bit longer, but... you'll get TWO NEW EPISODES in Q1 2019! 
The reason why it's taking so long is that the Episode 2: Memory and Episode 3: Backdoor are very intertwined, both in story and gameplay. There were many things that we shifted between episodes to make a better experience out of it. So by the time we entered testing phase for Ep 2, we already had so much stuff for Episode 3 done, that we decided it makes more sense to launch both of them together.
For us this makes also more sense from a financial standpoint, since we can record the voices in one go. 
That means we'll be delivering around 10 hours of play time by the time of March!

Gameplay (Ep. 2)

Sneak around with Agent Bear and plot navigation routes past hostiles. Give him commands to start and stop in realtime and distract enemies with different methods to bring your partner safely to your destination.

plotting navigational route and sneak past enemies
plotting navigational route and sneak past enemies
Help Raven infiltrate locations by finding information about personnel and files regarding their appearance to construct a disguise file and gain access to restricted areas.

gather disguise intel and help Raven pose as someone else
gather disguise intel and help Raven pose as someone else
That's it for now! We hope you'll have wonderful holidays! Don't forget to join our Discord channel to stay updated about development:
Kevin & Zein

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