Sonntag, 28. August 2016

Devlog #9: #IAmEverywhere Challenge: Win a $50 Steam Gift Card

Greetings agents!
We finally have a starting date for our Kickstarter campaign:

» » » September, 21st 2016 « « «

This is also the day you will be able to play the entirely new Prologe, Code 7 – Episode 0, for free! In order to bring all our fans from different platforms together we've created a Facebook group, in which you can ask us questions, discuss parts of the game or share interesting things about hacking, sci-fi and more. To join the group click here.

Join and participate in our #IAmEverywhere Sticker Challenge to get the chance of winning a $50 Steam Gift Card. You can read more about it in the group!

Thank you for all your support so far and we hope you look forward to the next step in the Code 7 development as much as we do! We're already setting everything up to get the game on steam as soon as possible. We'll keep you posted on the progress. Episode 1 is estimated to be released in April 2017.

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